Tasting with Sun Sun Winery

On October 4, 2018, the Friends of Nagano wine hosted a Nagano wine tasting with Mr. Hideo Togawa.  Mr. Togawa was born in Hiroshima and is a graduate of Yamanashi University, where he majored in oenology. He joined the Kikkoman Corporation in 1966 as an oenology researcher. In 1980, he was named head of Manns wine production.   After retiring in 2002, Mr. Togawa served as an advisor to a number of vineyards in Nagano prefecture.  In 2012, he took over as the first COO of the Sun Sun Winery in Shiojiri, Nagano.

Below is a list of the wines served:

White Wines

Chateau Sun Sun Estate Chardonnay 2015

Alps Musee du Vin Zenkoji Ryugan 2017

Chateau Mercian Sauvignon Blanc 2016

Funky Chateau Strate Cassee (Semillon) 2015

Red Wines

Chateau Sun Sun Estate Merlot 2015

Kido Winery Autumn Colors Rouge 2017

Manns Solaris Shinshu Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

Rue de Vin Merlot 2016

Obuse Winery Murasaki Quatre de L’Ouest 2014

Alps Musee du Vin Black Queen 2017


Cantini Riezo Sakura Sakura 2016

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