Wine & Cidre Festival in Nagano 2019

All, please mark your calendars for Nagano City's annual wine and cider festival, this year billed as the Wine & Cidre Garden in Nagano 2019! The Friends of Nagano Wine plan to attend on August 24 and hope to see you there. Date and Time: August 23 (18:00-21:00) August 24 (12:00-21:00) August 25 (12:00-21:00) Location: Minamichitose … Continue reading Wine & Cidre Festival in Nagano 2019

July 2019 Recommendations

July is one of those in between months in Japan: rainy at the start and then full-on summer by the close. We are bringing to you three wines that should help you through the transition.  Interestingly, two of them are made from Japanese local varietals and the third is a successful experiment in combining Chardonnay grapes from different vintages.

Tasting with Kusunoki Winery

On January 31, 2019, the Friends of Nagano wine hosted a tasting of Nagano wine with Mr. Shigeyuki Kusunoki, the winemaker of Kusunoki Winery in Suzaka, Nagano. Mr. Kusunoki studied winemaking at the University of Adelaide in Australia and his wines have been recognized in international competitions.  He spoke about the challenges of grape growing and winemaking in … Continue reading Tasting with Kusunoki Winery